Nitro Cold Brew Coffee - Iced Mocha

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee - Iced Mocha



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Hike premium-grade Cold Brew Coffeemixed with an all-natural oat base and creamy cocoa. With sugars naturally found in oats, and our cold brew providing a naturally sweet flavour, there is no need for us to add any sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavours. 

Upon opening, Infused Nitrogen (“Nitro”) not only enhances the aroma but provides cascading bubbles, creating a silky smooth texture.

  • Dairy-Free - No animals needed for this coffee
  • No Added Sugar - the cold brew process provides a natural coffee sweetness paired with high-quality oat milk with natural sugars
  • Vegan Friendly - 100% vegan 
  • Clean Caffeine - get your coffee caffeine fix without an upset stomach
  • Natural Energy - Supercharged caffeine boost scientifically proven to wake you up in the morning
  • Brewed in Newcastle - to reduce our Co2 footprint, our coffee cans are locally brewed and sold directly to you without a middle man
  • Nitro Infused - smooth and silky-textured nitro coffee, we recommend serving in a cool glass with ice

Each can is 200ml.

Try our serving suggestion using a Cafetière (French Press)

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