Cold Brew Coffee Brew Bag and Filter / Coffee Sock / Nut Milk Bag



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The Hike Coffee Cold brew Coffee Sock filter is a great way to brew cold brew coffee. The 50 micron nylon mesh is not only washable and fully reusable but also means for fantastic filtration right out the box.

Key Features:

  • Make 0.5l to 10l of cold brew coffee - holds unto 800g of coffee 
  • 50 micron mesh makes for great filtration
  • Use any mason jar or container you already have
  • Pull cord to close bag during brew
  • Easy to clean, just turn inside out to empty grounds and wash under the tap
  • Machine washable at 30oC

How to use

  1. Choose a container, we recommend a mason jar.
  2. Add the coffee sock to container and add coffee - Use 70g/litre of water
  3. If you are using a mason jar or similar, leave the sock over the edge of the jar. If using another container, pull the cord to close the bag
  4. Pour over water
  5. Sit for 12 hours on counter top or 18 hours in fridge
  6. Remove coffee sock and allow to drain for 30-60 seconds
  7. Get rid of the grounds & clean the sock
  8. Done! Store for later or enjoy straight away!

Other uses

Whilst we have made this sock specifically for making cold brew coffee, you can also use it to make nut milks or filtering other food & drink. 

Wash before use.